Friday, 31 January 2014

Of My First Car

Assalamualaikum & jumma mubarak everyone!

It's the last day of chapter one, 2014. January has been a busy month with some ups & downs, more than I expected. But overall, it was okay I guess. Tak okay pun, buat-buat je la okay

But the highlight of the month is probably this!

My own first car, finally! Alhamdulillah

Had some tough time to decide what I should call it, either;

  • Alex -- Really love the name & partly because I'm a fan of Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys. He's my definition of 'boyish'. Now would you please excuse me & allow me to blush a bit? Tqvm :') ........ Ok done blushing. Lols! I know I know his hair was messy but with that cute face, I'm 100% sure he can pull off any hairstyle well. Very well in fact
  • Cookie -- It's my nickname but since the colour of the car is white, macam tak kena pulak but I'm loving the fun personality of him & I hope driving my car would be fun as well & I won't curse or shout at any rude road user although the chance is pretty slim. But sikap sabar boleh dipupuk bukan? Just like my Abah. He's one of the most patient people I've ever met!
  • Duta -- For an obvious reason! Oh abe Duta Sheila on 7 kuuu *tiba-tiba lagu 'Pria Terhebat' kedengaran sebagai lagu tema* But but naming a car 'Duta' sounds not quite right no matter how cool it is. And now baru perasaan kenapa semua nama-nama yang terpilih adalah berjantina lelaki? Ohoii, merenyamnyaa

So, can you guess which name I chose for my car? :)

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