Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Alex 944

Assalamualaikum & apa khabar?

I was probably one of those people who don't find driving as something amusing or exciting. Or in other words, I don't fancy driving/tak minat. If it wasn't because of my Parents who forced me to take driving classes 5 years ago, mungkin sampai sekarang lesen pun tadak

Thus, the reason why it took me so long (compared to my other friends) to have/buy my own car. From the first day of pupillage/chambering until last Thursday, it was my Abah who drove me to the office/court/land office etc & pulang berjemput oleh si Kakak. Tipulah if tak rasa membebankan & that was the reason that led to having Alex

It was months ago since my last time driving manual car & Alex was my first encounter with auto car. I drove Alex for the first time last Saturday afternoon with of course under a strict supervision of Encik Abah. So, you can imagine how jakun or clueless I was, like "Mana satu eh brake & minyak?" etc to the extent that it had tested Abah's patient (I told you before that he's one of the most patient people I know, didn't I? Hehe!) & made me feel so useless. Bahaha!

Tersipu-sipu daku everytime ditegur oleh Abah seperti "Benda lain pandai sangat", "Nampak gaya lagi sebulan baru betul-betul mahir ni" etc. Perghhhh! Menusuk kalbu

Behold people! Once me & Alex start to be bff, we're going to paint the town red & conquer the world!

Or at least, know how to conquer the parking space first. Heh!

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