Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Alex's First Trip To The Beach

Assalamualaikum & hallo! Apa khabar?

Went to Pantai Irama last Saturday evening with Alex, my car. It was our first trip to the beach, so I've no choice but to blog about it here. Sorry :P

Well of course, we weren't alone as I had to drag someone to teman us & that lucky someone (lucky kewwww? Bahaha!) was my friend, Diha. The more the merrier orang kata. Plus, no matter how much I love Alex & no matter how much I want him to understand me, wellllllll a car is still a car alright? -.-'

Pantai Irama, Bachok
15/02/2014, 6.45 pm

Me & Diha
And of course a selfie shot dengan berlatarbelakangkan pantai *flips shawl*

It was a very last minute plan & although we only got to spend about 30 minutes walking by the beach (and spent almost an hour in the car pergi & balik. Cehh!), the chance to watch the beautiful sunset sambil makan lokcing sambil cakap-cakap & disapu angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa was so refreshing. I need more of this, instead of stuck in air-conditioned firm 9 hours per day, 5 days a week

I love you beach! *emo tak semena-mena*

The only thing that we missed was fresh-from-pokok air kelapa with sotong celup tepung goreng (my fav is the ones at Juara Ikan Bakar right in front of Balai Polis Kubang Kerian. So nyums!) but nevermind. Next time kena leave the house early. Ni tak, 5.30 pm baru nak keluar rumah. Heh!

Overall, it was a nice short trip. Getting to let out some of the things burdening my mind & sharing them with someone close was such a relief. Looking forward for more jalan-jalan soon! InsyaAllah!

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