Monday, 17 February 2014

Listen Darling, I'm Not That Young Anymore

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

Walaupun diri ini kadang-kadang nampak or pretend acting like a bimbo, honestly I'm not a fan of selfie. I mean, look at myself with parut jerawat here & there & eye bags yang tersergam megah itu. Maka, perbuatan meng-upload banyak gambar selfie seakan-akan menawarkan diri untuk direjam dengan buah tomato busuk sahaja

But once in a while I'll upload a full picture of my face at my Instagram just to remind myself that I'm not that young anymore. You know, that sad moment when you begin to accept the fact that you're aging, which hopefully gracefully

People say, with age comes greater responsibilities atau bak kata pepatah, 'rumah kata go go!, kubur kata come come!'. Comparing my pictures zaman sebelum chambering & now pun dah boleh nampak beza. Like, where has my runcing face (walaupun secara hakikatnya I was born with bulat face. Heh!) gone? Why can't I smile like before without looking extra chubby walaupun berat hanyalah 43 kg? 

It just feels like yesterday I registered at the boarding school as an innocent 13 year-old girl & now, ada rakan sebaya yang dah ada anak 3 pun. Deep down inside, nothing much has changed about myself but my soul is probably the fastest thing that ages among other things. Did a quiz yesterday & the result revealed that my soul actually belonged to a 64 year-old person

Oh my poor old soul, what have I done to you?! 

And what have I prepared for my death? :(

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