Saturday, 22 February 2014

Tailored Robe

Assalamualaikum & happy Saturday everyone! Esok kerja! Blerghh!

I received my tailored robe on Tuesday last week. I went to the tailor shop which is situated on the ground floor of Straits Trading Building when we had a case management at Industrial Court last month. So, tambah tolak bahagi darab, it took them about 3 weeks to get it done & arrived at my office with a big brown Poslaju box

Finally, my own robe with my name sewn on it

Do you still remember about my plan of quitting this profession & become a full time housewife (when I get married & have my own kid(s) la of course. Heh!)? Nampak gayanya, kena tunggu robe lusuh dulu baru boleh quit. And this robe, 20 tahun lagi pun belum tentu lusuh sebab membanting tulang dalam court je pun, bukan di bawah sinaran terik matahari. Oh the dilemma T_T

Btw, you can get your own tailored or ready-made robe at a few tailors in KL but I got mine from Vincee's Tailor (the same building with KL Industrial Court, near Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad & the Malaysian Bar Council Building) which for 20 years has supplied tailored & ready-made robes, gowns and other apparel to the legal profession in Malaysia
There are 2 types of robe which come with 2 different prices; RM750 & RM450. The differences between the former & latter are the quality, thickness of the fabric & of course the more expensive one is wrinkle-free. But in my honest opinion, it would probably take a person a careful inspection to distinguish between those two. Yang RM450 tu pun okay je, tak ada la nampak sangat wrinklenya

Vincee's Tailor
G-05, Ground Floor, Straits Trading Building
No 2 Jalan Lebuh Pasar Besar
50050 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2694 0592

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