Sunday, 23 February 2014

Of Awanis & Alqami

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

I'm now at the age where it seems like everybody is either busy getting married or busy expanding their families or both

*peluh besar*

I've to admit that I feel the pressure once in a while, especially from the constant nags from the Mother. I'm a type of 'the more you ask me about it, the more I don't want to talk about it' person & when I'm being bombarded with the same pattern of question almost everyday, I couldn't help but to get irritated. As if, my job hasn't given me enough stress already T_T

Anyhow, another secondary school friend of mine, Awanis tied a knot recently. Me & my friends, Baei & Diha didn't get a chance to attend the wedding reception on 1st February due to some reasons but we made some extra efforts to attend the majlis bertandang a week after at the bridegroom's house at Bunut Susu, Pasir Mas

I told you before that I love going to kenduri kahwin, didn't I? So, bila missed or tak dapat attend tu, rasa dia lain maciam sikit. Nak-nak lagi, when we were classmates from Form 1 till 3. Dari zaman innocent tak tahu apa-apa till dah kahwin pun cik kak sorang ni, of course I had to datang menyibuk to her majlis

 The wedding invitation card

Yours truly, the bride & Baei

We arrived at the majlis lambat sebab silap tengok map & bila sampai, the bride nak rest & solat, hence no more baju pengantin bling-bling. Hehe! 

Awanis is currently a lecturer at one IKBN in Kelantan (ada banyak IKBN ke kat Kelantan ni? Sorry, cetek pengetahuan & malas nak google). During 2 hours lepaking at her in-law's house during the majlis, we had so many things to talk & laugh about that my stomach had a very good vibe of laughter! This girl hasn't changed a bit & with her witty attitude & funny self, I'm sure her students are going to have lots of fun in her classes! Probably the same type of fun we used to have when we were classmates for 3 years :')

To Awanis & Alqami, 
I pray may your marriage is the beginning of a blessed & happy journey as a husband & wife and soon, as parents. They said (they la, sebab mek kan tak ada experience lagi. Lols!), marriage isn't all about happiness per se but I pray may Allah ease your affairs, dimurahkan rezeki & bahagia dunia & akhirat. Amin...

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