Sunday, 23 February 2014

Luahang Perasaang

The feeling when you're in charge of an important file, dengan yakin ingat dah file Deraf Perintah a month ago only to discover later (by the Boss) that you actually haven't

Tapi rasa macam dah. Tapi mana covering letter as an evidence hantar kat court & another copy of the Deraf Perintah?

Tapi rasa macam dah because I still remember that I told the court staff that I had no covering letter that should come together with the Deraf Perintah (the new rule set up by the court, dulu boleh terus bagi in chamber) & she said 'okay tak pe'. I made 2 copies tapi where has another copy of the Deraf Perintah gone? Tak kan terrrrmasuk dalam dustbin kot?

Worse, the Creditor's Petition is next week & if betul la I haven't filed the Deraf Perintah together with some documents, sempat ke ni?

I'm so messed up

Dear Brain, are you asleep? I know you're tired lately but please gear uppppp!

Update (26/02/2014)
Dah file dah la Deraf Perintah tu, on 21/01/2014 lagi. Orang Mahkamah je tak insert dalam B.C Box firm kita. Adeiii! Tanjat Boboyyy!

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