Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Everyday I'm Tumblr-ing

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

Other than this blog, my most frequent website that I visit is tumblr

The reasons; I get to see a lot of wonderful pictures, get inspired at many meaningful Al-Quranic verses & quotes, get to learn a lot of things about religions, random facts or everything under the sun, get to visit to many amazing places around the world & get to read what other tumblr uses's thoughts & reblog or share my deepest thoughts without being judged

I feel safe there. It's like turning my thoughts into photos

You don't need to write any caption like "Oh hati, bersabarlah dikau" or "Suram sungguh hari ini, sesuram hatiku yang berduka lara. Sobs!" or "Marah betui hari ini. Seakan-akan ingin menumbuk seseorang atau sesuatu. Atau mungkin memeluk a kitten will do" etc. A picture you post can tell 1001 different things & one thing I like most about tumblr; people are usually anonymous there unless you choose to reveal your identity or share your tumblr link with your friends (like I used to)

People can judge you anything. From the Fb status you share, pictures you upload at Instagram or entries you post at your blog; they can be wrongfully interpreted

But do they really know what you keep deep down inside?

Ok, emo tak semena-mena. Bahahaha!

Ok la bye! Nak sambung buat kerja #dilemaseorangpekerjamakangaji #everydayadablues #kalauakukaya #kalaubolehnakdudukrumahgoyangkakije

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