Friday, 28 March 2014

My Blog Has OCD

Kenapa header tu macam tak center je?

Assalamualaikum & jumma mubarak everyone!

This OCD in me has always made me feel that my blog is lacking from something. I'll never be satisfied

It's not too much to say that this blog has grown up together with me. Reading my old posts in my old blog (which I keep it private for some reasons. Eheh!) made me realize how childish my writings were during those days; the times when I used to pour out everything into the blog

Some things were too embarrassing to read back. Like oh my, was I that emo back then? Lols!

One of many reasons why I keep on writing is simply because I just love to. And sayanglah if some of the memories or events just fade away in my mind just like that. Hence, why I put some effort to write as detail as possible such as the date, time, place etc. It's like going back to the past 

And please expect some engagement/wedding-related posts in the future. Sorry! Diharap posts akan datang tidak akan berbaur poyo & memualkan orang-orang yang membacanya -.-'
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