Saturday, 29 March 2014

Meet The Guy (Part 2)

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How & when did we get to know each other?

I was introduced to A.H by my old friend, Dr Amin whom I've known since I was 14 during debates (he was from SEMSAS, Kuantan). Meanwhile, A.H was Amin's junior at the University of Auckland

It started with a whatssap conversation on 11/01/2014, the day when Amin told me about A.H; "Su, you nak tak kenal kawan I?" which I replied with "Lols!" :P

A.H added me on Fb a few hours after & soon after I approved his friend request, he sent me private msg saying hi & all. It was pretty awkward at first & our conversation was mainly on random topics. I then discovered that it was his birthday 4 days ago & we got excited because both of us are January babies!

His is on 07/01 while mine is on 23/01. A.H is a year older than me

Meeting for the first time

We met for the first time on 26/01/2014. I was in KL for 2 days with my Boss as we had a court matter at the KL Industrial Court on 27/01/2014. He was on leave that day, attending his cousin's wedding in the morning at Kajang before we met up at Paradigm Mall in the evening. Of course I wasn't alone. The Boss & her sister were there too but of course lah we jalan asing-asing. Hehe!

He was late due to traffic jam, finding a parking spot & solat Zuhur, so there I was waiting for him alone in front of Victoria's Secret shop with VS paperbags accompanied me. Nasib baik ada seat kosong for me & my pink babies. Tak de la nampak macam lone ranger sangat

While waiting. Malu nak selfie. So kita amik gambar paperbags

Suddenly, he came right in front of me (terkejut mek!) apologizing for being late & his first words were, "Sorry lambat. Susah dapat parking tadi blablabla". I only remember the first few words, yang blablabla belakang tu lupa because I was busy composing myself. I'm a shy girl, remember? Bahaha!

I didn't really believe in love at the first sight but the first impression does & is really crucial. The first thought that came into my mind when I first saw him was "Eh, he looks different lah from the picture *blush*" & from my observation, my brain was telling me, "he has a neat appearance & nice smell too!"

We then jalan-jalan, bought some stuff & berangan at Daiso, went to VS to get some VS products for my friends, jalan-jalan, went to VS again (and he helped me carry most of the paperbags. Sighh!), makan-makan at Seoul Garden etc. So, jalan-jalan pusing Paradigm Mall je la kekdahnya

Of course we couldn't help but to have some awkward silent moment especially when we were busy stuffing our hungry stomach at Seoul Garden (where he did most of the masak-masak & bakar-bakar. Hehe!) 

Our so-called birthday celebration. January babies are cool! Woots!

A few hours later, it was time to reunite with the Boss & her sister. So, we went & met them at this one pizza restaurant which I couldn't recall the name & for about 30 minutes or more, A.H was informally interviewed by them. Kesian A.H macam kena buli je jawab soalan but he was acting cool. I was glad when the Boss told me that she likes A.H & his attitude :)

Later, A.H drove me & the Boss to our hotel at Masjid Jamek

 Mula-mula 2. Then beranak jadi 8. I was such a nice friend tolong belikan kawan-kawan kirim. Sigh!

To be continued ...
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