Thursday, 27 March 2014

Meet The Guy (Part 1)

Assalamualaikum & hi everyone!

Honestly I really don't know how to put this thing into words without sounding too much or overwhelming

You know the feeling when you want to share some good news with your family or friends yet in the same time you're afraid that your intention might get misunderstood or you would hurt the feeling of your single friends who have been with you through thick & thin (and not to forget, attending kenduris for years like a group of lone rangers. Lols! So kesian). You're so eager to tell off things that are significant to you without making people think that you're just boastful

But this is the beginning of something big & hence, the need for me to document it here. Not only for my own reference in the future (just like I always do with my previous posts) but also for my own kids (Lols! Pardon me but the idea of having my kids reading my blog is still funny) someday, InsyaAllah!

I know I didn't write much about it here because I just wanted to keep it low profile until everything it's confirmed. Bukan fefeeling retis ada stalker bagaiii kau ingat kau siapaaaa? kinda but macam tak best pulak cerita benda yang tak confirm ni. Now that it's already confirmed, Alhamdulillah I think it needs a proper post (or some separate posts) or more like an introduction of the guy & how we got to know each other

So, on the last 23/03/2014, Sunday, there was a majlis merisik at my house. Not for my Sister of course because she's already been married since 2008 but the majlis was for me *blush*

For now, let us just call him A.H :)

To be continued ...

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