Friday, 7 March 2014

Praying & Crying


The picture of that crying man above always gets me no matter how many time I've seen it everywhere on the media. What's happening now around the world? Why do some people have so much hatred in themselves that other people's lives seem to not worth even a penny?

Look at him, this picture speaks thousands words. Look at his family behind, do you think they don't deserve to live? Look at them, what can we do to help them? It always hurts me whenever I see poor or old people sturggling to live. Although they might not utter any word asking for help, the hardship they have to endure inside, doesn't it too obvious for us to notice? :(

The least we can do is to make a lot of duas from afar

O Allah Ar Rahman Ar Rahim, please protect our Muslim brothers & sisters not only in Myanmar but also all around the world. Give them strenght, patience & the highest jannah. Amin...

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