Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Hud 11:61

إِنَّ رَبِّي قَرِيبٌ مُجِيبٌ 
"Truly, my Lord is ever-near and always responding (to prayers)" 

(Surat Hud 11:61)

Have you ever had your dua answered by Allah in the most perfect time? After some trials & hardship, long duas after prayers, countless of times wetting your pillow to sleep, bitterness etc, Allah The Most Merciful & Beneficent finally granted your dua when you actually least expect it

Perhaps, it's the power of my Parents' duas which have no hijab upon what they ask for. Perhaps, what I previously wanted isn't the best for me. We plan, He plans but indeed He is the best of planners

If it's destined this way, I pray may this happiness is best for everybody, be it for present & future. InsyaAllah

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