Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Of The Sister's Birthday

Yours truly, the Sister & my 7 month-old nephew, Umar

Today is my Sister's birthday! Alhamdulillah!

I've to admit, the older we've become, celebrating birthdays is no longer a priority. It's more to 'see the birthday reminder at Fb, click on his/her name, type a birthday wish on his/her wall then bye' nowadays

Anyhow, to my one & only Sister, here goes my birthday speech to you. Ahem!

Happy birthday! *throws water balloons, confetti & budu in tubes etc* How old are you again? 25? 28? 30? 32? 38? :P Sorry, no present or card this year because I'm saving for my wedding. Bahahah! (anyone want to buy one of my kidneys?) 

But could you please consider my love towards your son, Umar, baby-sitting him, making him laugh, my cheeks as his teething tool, tukang pegang dia semasa mandi, kena tarik rambut & kena pukul (that boy really has muscles. Tsk!) etc as my birthday present to you? Umar is so lucky for having a 'maid' with 2 law degrees, if you haven't noticed. I love dukung-ing him, he's my dumb bell. You should continue feeding him with S-26 milk, it makes him happy & not to forget, heavier

I can't wait for Umar's 1st birthday! I want to get him a pair of Elmo shoes! 
Post ni macam banyak cakap pasal Umar je. Lols! Ok, bye. I love you

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