Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Engagement Preparation (Part 2)

Assalamualaikum & hi everyone!

I had posted about 'The Engagement Preparation' on 26/04/2014. Now that we only have 2 days left before the Engagement this Saturday (10/05/2014), I think I need to go through the list again (added with some extra notes, of course) in case ada anything yang belum settle or missed out

1. The rings
Ok, yang ni ada drama sikit. Not A.H's ring but mine. Sobs!

When A.H told me what happened to my ring over the phone last week, my response was "Hahahahaha!". A.H, on the other hand, sounded sad & frustrated. Masa tu boleh la "Hahahahaha!", now when I'm thinking about it, rasa macam ............ *kuis pasir dengan kaki*

Now, please allow me to membebel a bit *breathes in, breathes out*

When we went to H.J Kota Bharu on 22/03 to hunt for our engagement rings, we found the ring that we like. For that design, the ring comes with 2 different carat. Unfortunately, the ring that we wanted, it needs to be resized & they said they couldn't do it for some reasons that I can't recall anymore. A.H then went to its headquarter in Ampang Point to try his luck a few days later & they said they can resize the ring. "Ok, problem fixed" so we thought

But another problem arouse when they had mistakenly (I don't know either by mistake or carelessness) fixed the ring with different carat that A.H initially wanted. And the salesgirl realized the mistake only when A.H was there at the shop to collect the ring. Dah la A.H yang call dulu dorang tanya dah ready ke belum, not the other way around. I believe the ring was ready to be collected before that lagi. And akak busy sangat ke sampai tak sempat nak check dulu order receipt to confirm on the carat & whatnot? It clearly stated on the paper kan? We thought H.J punya headquarter lagi efficient servicenya

We're very disappointed, obviously

Well, the solution is H.J lends us the ring (with the same design but different carat) for our engagement majlis. Meanwhile, the ring with the right carat will only be ready on 15/05 which is 5 days after the Engagement -.-'

2. The theme colour
Still peach colour it is

3. The dress + shawls
Haven't searched any tutorial from the net on how to style the halfmoon shawl but I already have my girls to assist me on that. So dear my weary mind, stop worrying will you?

4. The make-up
I seriously need to have enough rest. Like I said, I definitely don't want to be accessorized with a set of huge eye bags on that day. And oh, I pray may my nephew, Umar will behave very well & charmingly so that my Sister can play her job as my mak andam dengan jayanya pada hari itu. Amin...

5. The hantarans
90% done. We got a few barang hantaran changed at the last minute but I think, I like them better

6. The (mini) dais
Done. Considering that the dais is totally DIY, I think the result is quite satisfactory, Alhamdulillah. The Parents deserve to get all the credits! *claps claps!* Tqvm Ma & Abah!

7. The door gifts
From no door gift, to 50 & finally 100, I tried to be minimal with them though. I've already started thinking & surveying on what our door gifts for the wedding shall be. Excited! Kenapa kat sekolah & uni dulu mek tak jadi AJK Hadiah eh?

 8. The guest list
Ada a few important people I haven't invited yet. Need to get it done asap

9. The Photographer
Need to remind my friend, Naqi that his presence is compulsory this Saturday, if not putus kawan. Lols! Kot-kot beliau lupa & balik kampung nun di Besut sana

10. Food & Such
The initial plan was that all guests will be dining inside the house but we decided to have a tent with 5 tables set up outside since A.H's rombongan will be coming with 10 cars, all the way from KL, Perlis & Kelate itself. Muat je sebenarnya but we just want to make everybody comfortable & makan dengan girangnya pada musim kemarau panas cheng-cheng ini

P/s: I warmly welcome any comment/suggestion/idea/advise/tips etc from all of you! And would you please amin-kan may Allah make everything go well as planned this Saturday? Amin.... Tqvm!


fadzioriq said...

Tahniah mek!~ :)

Anonymous said...

Amin. inshaa-Allah semuanya berjalan dgn lancar, soleil-m. Warna peach?! Sukanya dgn warna tu. :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck Suria. Moga majlis berjalan lancar.


mNa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mNa said...

i think you should open your comment box frequently coz i have tonnes of comments to write in every single post that you have is like you eat something and cannot swallow it..get it??


Tahniah mek...!

you're not leaving us any room to convey our happiness! sib baek this time boleh komen tau..

Engagement is done and next would be the solemnization...aaaauuuw... schweet... .

my only best advise would be keep things minimal but satisfactory as subsequent matters more than the preceding.

Jemput i tau! xoxo!!

soleil m said...

@Kak Dorawantan
Tqvm for the kind words & advise kak! Would definitely invite you, pia & uncle din to come nanti. InsyaAllah :)

soleil m said...

@Fadzioriq, Anonymous & Noha
Tqvm! Your dua & wishes meant a lot to me :)

Ho baiklah. It depends tho. Mihmih

cik asmakghazali said..., i is jellyyyy. cantiknyeeee *rolling eyes*

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