Wednesday, 7 May 2014

From Single To Engaged

Assalamualaikum & hi!

I'm usually very excited for the weekends but this time, I know my weekend will be totally different. I can't help but to have this kind of "this is going to be my last Thursday & Friday before I change my status from single to someone's fiancee!" thought clouding my mind. Over betui. Heh!

I refuse to freak out *blows nails* although I must add, my brain has been thinking about so many things lately that it's taken a toll on me. Talk about feeling extra tired & the size of my eye bags as an extra accessory for the E day nanti -.-'

Anyway, 3 days left before the Engagement, InsyaAllah & I've been receiving questions like "How's the preparation?' or "Nervous tak?" almost everyday. Makes me feel more nervous actually

 *bites nails*

Meanwhile A.H has kept on saying "Kita akad terus boleh tak?". Ye la tuuu. Walhal both of us haven't attended the kursus kahwin yet. Stress la fikir pasal kursus kahwin ni. Adoi! Tapi betullah, I don't know why I didn't attend the course during uni days, ke masa tu tak ambitious enough to kahwin kerana mengejar 2 gulung ijazah?

As for A.H, he was probably too busy & nerdy to think about marriage a few years ago. Plus, ada ke nikah course in NZ anjuran JAKIM?

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