Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Umar's 1st Jatuh Katil Incident (And Hopefully The Last One)

My nephew, Umar fell off the bed last night & hit his head while he was being adventurous trying to mengensot (what's mengensot in English? It's not crawling sebab ni mengensot macam ulat bulu tu) to his favourite place yakni a book shelf next to his parents' bed

Subsequently, dahi dia lebam sikit & ada remark macam Harry Porter punya. It didn't bleed fortunately, Alhamdulillah  but he was crying so loud. Terkejut + sakit probably. Of course being the first grandchild he is, he made everybody worried. He cried tapi lepas bagi susu sebotol, terus zzzZzZ. The Sister was panicked & luckily A.H wasn't in LalaLand yet to give her a free online medical consultation. Hehe!

Anyhow, it's so good to see he's back to being his old cheerful active bubbly self this morning. Alhamdulillah. I gave him some hugs & planted a few kisses on his chubby cheeks before I left to the office (which explain why I was always being late lately. Ahem!)

Umar now dah pandai give people kiss when he's asked to Tapi kadang-kadang kiss sambil membebel-bebel tak ikhlas. Tak pun dia tolak muka kita terus. Hahahah! Patah hati Mama Sue okay? Dulu bukan ke awak suka made my cheeks as your teething tool? What has happened now? Ain't I your favourite aunt anymore? :'(

Don't grow up too fast Umar. You're just 7 month young. Gigi pun tak dok lagi

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