Thursday, 15 May 2014

Travel In Paris

'Travel in Paris' walaupun hakikatnya pergi KL je pung

Assalamualaikum & hallo! Apa habaq everyone?

It's almost 1 a.m & I'm still wide awake. Arrived from KL at 8 something p.m yesterday night (Wednesday) & I'm actually so tired mentally & physically. Nasib baik la Firefly tak de delay macam Airasia

Although my boss & I were at KL on Tuesday & Wednesday for a court matter at KL Industrial Court on Wednesday morning, it was actually more like a shopping trip rather than lawyer-ing, judging on how much time we had spent at the malls & kedai-kedai along Jalan Tar within 24 hours. Bahahaha!

Unfortunately, I need to pretend that I've forgotten the amount of money left in my bank accounts. Sigh sighh!

Ok, next month no more buying unnecessary stuff ok, mek? Tapi buying 3 pasang kain for baju kurung tu kira macam necessary jugak what? Mek kan suka berbaju kurung *flips kain like Saloma* ke office & juga hobi menghadiri majlis kenduri kawan-kawan

I mean, it was so rude to not buy anything from this colourful kain cotton shop like this ayte?
Rambang mata, terpaksa beli

And who (well at least for us, cat ladies. Mi-aw! I mean, ahemm!) can say no to this cute Hello Kitty power bank?
Tapi yang ni A.H yang belanja. Tqvm A.H. Hehe!

Esok pagi kerja as usual sebenarnya. Adakah perlu curi-curi tidur dalam surau office tatkala boss menerima clients?

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