Monday, 23 June 2014

Kenduri-kendara Here & There

Assalamualaikum & hallo! Happy Monday blues!

Musim kenduri-kendara just passed & I've been flooded my hp memory with a lot of wedding pictures! Time to clear some space, hence this wedding entry with a lot of wedding pictures. I just love going to wedding. Might as well apply kerja kat butik pengantin as my part time job :P

Anyway, to the beautiful brides & handsome bridegrooms; barakallah & congratulations! I pray may Allah grant you the utmost happiness in your marriage, be blessed with a lot of barakah, dimurahkan rezeki & dapat banyak kids! Amin...

1. The Wedding of Dr. Khuzaimah Radzi, 31.05.2014 at Pengkalan Chepa
Khuza was my dormmate for 3 years back then in Sains Pasir Puteh

She's been known as the toughest & most discipline one among us. Unlike some of us who were so crazy about some jambu boybands *coughs* such as Westlife *coughs* & NSync, Khuza probably had none (so nerd this friend of mine. No wonder she's a dentist :P) but her love story is so interesting. Long story cut short, it all started when she treated her own husband in her clinic at HUSM last year. Couldn't recall the month & whatnot but still let's go 'Auwww!' everybody!

Tersampai awai di rumah pengantin. Pengantin pun belum siap mekap & melaram, so gambar pelamin je la yang mampu

2. Shafiqah Hisyam, 31.05.2014 at Lundang, Kota Bharu
Fiqah was my classmate during LL.B (Hons), so her wedding was like a mini reunion for us, the classmates + Intan from kelas sebelah. We just wished that many of us could come on that day though but what to do, berapa kerat je yang stay & kerja di Kelate, except Nobby who came all the way from Putrajaya

Teringat zaman lara masa LL.B where us the single ladies would share our keluh kesah why we hadn't met our Mr Right yet. Look what a hefty workload of LL.B had done to our weary brain :P

3. Dr Marini Dr Yadie, 01.06.2014 at Nilam Puri, Kota Bharu
Marini was my tuition class buddy wayyyyy back when we were 12 (I think I'm pretty good in keeping in touch with old friends *pats own back*). Post UPSR, Marini went to MRSM while I went to SBP but we still kept in touch through out all these years until now

So, when I knew through her Instagram that she was engaged to her sweetheart who is also a doctor & they met while working in the same ward, Wad Bahagia HRPZ (tqvm DJ majlis for the info) I was really looking forward to attending her wedding. Sanggup amik cuti half day y'all!

4. Naimah Hafizi, 05.06.2014 at Pantai Pulau Kundur, Kota Bharu
Both Naimah & Piji were my batchmates during Pre Degree Law (before Naiman left to pursue her dream to be a teacher). So, walaupun their majlis was on hari bekerja, mek sanggup amik half day & drove alone to Naimah's house at Pantai Pulau Kundur (I just wished I knew where the pantai is tapi lepas tu gigih pulak mek pergi PCB & spent about 5 minutes there. Obses dengan pantai betui -.-') & met my other friend there, Cik Nor

It feels so good to witness how their love story eventually ended with a beautiful reunion as the husband & wife. Alhamdulillah

5. Wan Hasnur Fishaira Wan Kay, 08.06.2014 at Seribong, Kota Bharu
My second time attending my primary school friends' wedding but too bad I didn't meet or bump into any of our friend there. Went there alone & was too malu to eat alone, hence went back with empty stomach but with some doorgifts & pictures. Hehe!

Pandai kawan mek ni cari cik abe. Wan vs Wan

And I was amazed looking at their hantarans! Took me some times to digest (or more like hafal :P) the gifts they put on the trays

6. Muiz Aainaa, 14.06.2014 at Kubang Kerian, Kota Bharu
Another love started at UiTM Law School & ended with a beautiful marriage! Alhamdulillah

Muiz & Aainaa both were my juniors & we used to work together for Sekretariat Mahasiswa Fakulti (SMF) a few years ago. This couple is very cute with Muiz has always been the pak lawak one, meanhwile Aainaa is being pretty as always. Didn't get to attend Aainaa's wedding reception at Dewan Seri Budiman, UiTM S.Alam, so qadha dengan majlis bertandang at Muiz's place at Kubang Kerian. Since A.H was here, he had no choice but to tag along. Hehe!

Electric blue cantik jugak kan? Love their wedding attires

7. Sazwani Mustaqim, 20.06.2014 at Kg Kemumin, Kota Bharu
Another junior's wedding!

Wani's wedding reception was a simple yet meriah one but I truly love her wedding dress & also the doorgift cookies! Wani pun cantik sangat as always! Couldn't help but to ask her where she had her wedding dress done & I'm seriously considering to copycat some of her ideas for my future majlis nanti :P

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