Sunday, 22 June 2014

Getting Married : The Bridal Package

My Fiance, A.H was here from 13 to 15/06 (Friday - Sunday) last week

I think he had been missing me a lot (Auww! :') ) that he took some days off, took the flight straight after his on-call shift & subsequently had to work straight for a few days to qadha the cuti

Staying awake, working all night & don't' sleep for more than 24 hours; doctors are superheroes, aren't they?

Berbalik kepada tajuk di atas, I don't know about other bride & bridegroom-to-be but we didn't do a lot of bridal boutique huntings due to the time constraint. So, amidst our so-called busy schedule (LDR couple here!) we only went to Iena Bridal House (Fizo Omar-Mawar's majlis bertandang's wedding planner) on Saturday & Nurza Wedding House (Aril-Puteri's wedding planner) on Sunday 

The thing is, we (or rather me) didn't choose them solely based on the merits they received for being the wedding planner for some celebrities (if my friends & Sister didn't tell me, I wouldn't have known!). My method of surveying was browsing through the pictures on their FB pages & Instagram & once in a while disturbed A.H to look at them while he was busy working. Teehee!

Well, thank you to Facebook, Instagram & of course recommendations from the Sister & friends which helped us a lot in making the decision

Anyhow, we've booked our wedding package last yesterday! Alhamdulillah. It's such a relief considering that our majlis will be during Chinese New Year holiday (February 2015, InsyaAllah) which literally means a lot of kenduri-kendara everywhere & thus, we need to be fast on the reservations/bookings & all

I have to admit that we went a bit overboard from the original budget plan but when I saw this this afternoon (a day after I made the reservation), I'm convinced that we've made the right decision!

Now, boleh tick off another 1 thing from the wedding preparation list :)

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