Thursday, 12 June 2014

Morning Person & 15 Syaaban 1435H

I'm not sure whether I'm really a morning person but I do appreciate the shy morning sunshine peeking through the windows while being entertained by the sounds of birds chirping happily in the Mother's garden. And how do you describe the calm feeling when morning breeze greets you?

One of the reasons why I chose to stay & work in my hometown *kisses the ground*

Anyway, selepas azan Maghrib malam ini, masuk 15 Syaaban 1435H (Nisfu Syaaban), malam di mana buku catatan amalan lama akan dibawa naik oleh Malaikat & digantikan dengan buku catatan amalan yang baru

So, I'm taking this opportunity to ask for your forgiveness, kot-kot ada terkasaq bahasa, menguris hati perasaan etc. Kosong-kosong! Let's fill in our new book with a lot of catatan pahala & +ve thoughts & deeds! Amin!

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