Monday, 16 June 2014

What's Inside Your Handbag, Mek?

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Last 2 weeks, I blogged about 'what inside my very humble make-up bag' which is very humble, it makes me malu whenever I think about it sometimes :')

Putting the malu-ness aside, here comes the 'what inside my handbag' version pulak! I think many women have the common must-have in their handbag or otherwise a please-make-a-uturn-I-leave-my-*insert anything here*-at-home drama would happen. Just like what I did a few weeks ago when I incidentally left my telekung solat on my bed. It took me a few minutes to decide whether I should make a uturn or not. After driving a few km away from home & at a busy t-junction, baru terhegeh-hegeh nak buat uturn *facepalms*

  • 1. Diary -- 'A lawyer without her diary is like a cat without mustache' (Suria M, 2014) :P I'm so used of bringing my diary whenever I go, not restricted to the court only. Sampaikan pergi kenduri kahwin pun bawak. Hidup rasa macam tak complete tanpanya
  • 2. Power bank -- Call me an obesed obsessive owner but I love my Hello Kitty power bank! Bought it at Low Yat Plaza last month, A.H belanja. Hehe!
  • 3. Tissue
  • 4. Sweets
  • 5. Telekung Solat -- This kind of telekung solat yang boleh lipat-lipat masuk dalam pouch/bag is so practical although I've to admit that its beautiful bag yang buat mek terpikat sebenarnya #dilemaseorangwanita Bought it for RM30 (if I'm not mistaken) at Bazar Tok Guru, Kota Bharu
  • 6. Car keys 
  • 7. Business card holder -- 'A lawyer without her business card is like an abang polis traffic without misai' (Suria M, 2014) Lols! But true enough! I mean, whenever we're out of the office, lawyers don't have any other identification to prove that we're lawyers except our business card with our name, qualification(s) & office details on it. Tak kan la nak hang Sijil Annual & kertas degree LL.B kat leher kot?
  • 8. Purse -- Once upon a time ago, I used to have purses with very limited card slots but those were the days. My hypothesis; semakin dewasa seseorang itu, semakin gemuk purse beliau dengan cards. Agree?
  • 9. Make-up bag -- Click here to see its humble contain
  • 10. Bag serba guna -- Where I keep my office keys & pens etc
  • 11. Tupperware water bottle (not in the picture) -- One of my health resolutions is to drink a lot of water everyday, so I bring it almost anywhere I go. Bosan-bosan kat traffic light tunggu lampu hijau, bolehlah isi masa lapang dengan minum air
  • 12. Handphone (also not in the picture)
And I wonder why I haven't had toned muscles di lengan? Botol air je pun dah beratus gram berat -.-' Kunci lagi

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