Friday, 6 June 2014

My Very Humble Make-Up Bag

Assalamualaikum & hi! Jumma mubarak, everyone!

I've seen a lot of people did this 'what inside my handbag/purse/make-up bag' entry & always wanting to do mine. But at that time, I was still at the uni & I even didn't have a make-up bag! Maklumlah pergi kelas muka temanya natural beauty gittewww!

Anyway, here is my very humble version of 'what inside my make-up bag' entry with the review & comments. Kot-kot dapat share some good stuff & tips :)

  • 1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion -- I've been using this since September last year, & this is my second tube. Walaupun mek menyedari kulit mek adalah tidaklah se-flawless Snow White but I notice that the parut-parut jerawat have become invisible. Although tak la totally invisible but invisible lah jugak (ayat disclaimer dengan tegasnya). I'll apply it before putting any make-up & love its cooling effect on my face. Dulu RM42 je per tube, now dah RM49. Sobs! But it lasts for 3-4 months, depending on how much you use it, so ok lah. Read my product review on The Body Shop Skin Care here 
  • 2. Naturactor Foundation (Colour code: 141) -- It's the best foundation I've been using so far! *claps* It's so light, long lasting & tidak mencomotkan muka unlike some of the foundations I used before. The Mother bought it for me a few months ago, so honestly mek tidaklah mengetahui samada colour code no. 141 adalah betul-betul sesuai dengan colour kulit mek ini sebab product review tulis 'suitable for stage makeup & studio makeup' (amboiii! Kemainn!) but I think ok la kot eh? Naturactor is a product from Meiko Cosmetic, Japan & you may read about it here
  • 3. Mistine Super Powder SPF 25 -- I was introduced to Mistine compact powder by the Mother (she has a few Siamese friends & you can tell that she's really into beauty products. Rimas kot tengok anak bongsu dia sememeh je) last year & love how smooth the powder is. It also comes with a very pretty casing! I actually incidentally dropped my first Mistine compact powder atas tangga ofis, hancur berkecai isi dalam but luckily that I found the replacement after a few days. Mistine is a product from Thailand & you may read about it here & here
  • 4. The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick (Shade 101 Red Siren) -- My first lipstick from The Body Shop & of course I had to bring home the colour which I know the Mother approves i.e the most red one among all! :P It's so merah ang-ang that sometimes I had to wipe it off a bit. The Body Shop is currently having 20% off (why now?!!) for its lipsticks. You may buy it online here
  • 5. Nutrimetics Magix Lip Colour (Green Mint) -- This is totally the opposite of The Body Shop merah ang-ang lipsticks as it works according to our body chemistry i.e it's personalized according to our lips' natural colour. I also recently bought Maybelline Lip Polish (Glam 7) but later decided that lip gloss isn't my thing. Hehe!
  • 6. Maybelline HyperSharp Liner -- I never used other eye liner but I believe this is the best; liquid liner, easy to wear, waterproof yet easy removal by warm water (I usually use wet tissue or olive oil). Very suitable for those make-up noobs like moi. Read about it here
  • 7. Sephore Nano Eye Liner (Chocolate 05) -- Bought it in July last year at Sephora, Suria KLCC & haven't figured how to use it sebab ni jenis pencil, not the liquid liner like Maybelline Hypersharp Liner. Maka sekarang ia terdampar sahaja tanpa digunakan. I really can't enter fancy make-up shops like Sephora. Dah tau noob tapi nak beli juga. Peer influence sungguh. You may read about it here anyway
  • 8. Silkygirl Double Intense Duo Eye Shadow -- Should have bought in another duo colour but when it comes to make-up, I always chose to be safe. Safe ke black & silver, silap apply terus look like panda. Heh! I rarely use this though
  • 9. Bonjela -- Oh! How would I survive without you? It's so vital that I decided to carry it whenever I go as my wisdom teeth have become best friends with this since 2008. Ni bukan make-up actually, kang ada yang ingat ni ubat titis untuk menceriakan mata
  • 10. DKNY Be Delicious Candy Apples Sweet Caramel Perfume
  • 11. The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist -- Love the smell & A.H loves it too :P I think I like anything vanilla-ly, the smell is strong yet feminine *flips tudung* Tiba-tiba teringat vanilla ice-cream kat McD. RM1 lagi ke per cone?
  • 12. Wet tissues -- I usually use it to remove make-up before solat & also untuk lap meja berminyak di restaurant
  • 13. Tissues 

Sekian sahaja 'what inside my make-up bag' edisi mek. Barang-barang make-up level beginner sungguh kekdahnya
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