Sunday, 8 June 2014

Misi Makan-Makan Pagi Ahad

Assalamualaikum & hi!

It was a beautiful Sunday morning (every holiday morning is beautiful to me, fyi) & since yesterday was YDPA's Hari Keputeraan, Kelantan gets an extra cuti today. Yayyy!

I usually spent my weekends or holidays just staying at home but today was really an exception. Me & my friend, Diha were very ambitious to wake up super early today & have our breakfast at one of the famous kopitiams in Kota Bharu, Kopitiam Kita

The first time we had our breakfast together there was in April & we've been missing its Roti Titab so bad!

Anyhow, despite our plan to wake up super early, we only went to the LalaLand near 2 a.m, whatssap-ing each other, as if esok tak jumpa. Heh! So, you can imagine how hard it was to depart from our beds that we were so close to cancel our plan to having breakfast at Kopitiam Kita (it closes at 1.30 p.m) & go to Oldtown Wakaf Che Yeh instead. Tsk! -.-'

Nonetheless, we arrived at Kopitiam Kita at 9.20 a.m (I think) & it was so embarrassing that we thought that 'we are early!'

... because we were totally wrong!!

I mean, just look at the people queuing to get inside! It was soooooooo full house that I felt a bit scared. Hahah! Finding a parking spot was also a problem

A lesson well learnt; jangan dok menyibuk nak breakfast kat Kopitiam Kita on school holiday. Bagi chance kat tourists la kan? Motif sangat nak menyibuk sekali. Lols! Kesian dorang datang jauh-jauh. Mek tak pe, office mek 3 minutes je kot dari Kopitiam Kita

Feeling disappointed, we then changed our plan. Having breakfast at Restaurant Wau pun not bad. I love its cheese nan

Nasi lemak + cheese nan + air asam boi = happy tummy. Alhamdulillah!

Balik rumah then continue tidur for 2 hours. Oh nikmatnya cuti. Lols! Sekian misi makan-makan pagi Ahad

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