Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Duit Raya

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

This Raya marks a lot of things to myself but one of the most significant ones is that this is my first raya as a lawyer & giving out duit raya using my own salary hasil titik peluh makan gaji

I celebrated Raya last year as a semi-working person. I completed my 9 months of pupillage in June & was called to the Bar in August, a few weeks after Raya. Although at that moment, I wasn't yet officially employed by the current firm I'm now working at, I still received allowances as a paralegal. It was not much but I managed to fork out & gave out to my Parents, some old relatives & kids as my humble sadaqah/duit raya. Alhamdulillah

The feeling?

It was beyond satisfaction. I think it's become addictive & deep down inside, I wish I could give more! It's so heartbreaking seeing old pakciks cycling trishaws around K.Bharu in hot sunny day & the most I could do is to pray may Allah murahkan their rezeki & ease their affairs. Amin ya rabbal alamin...

Just to share some of the things I learned from ceramah Ustaz Azhar Idrus &;
  • We will not become poorer by giving sadaqah. In fact, Allah swt will give us more with unexpected rizq, reward us with pahala in both dunia & the life hereafter and increase our iman
  • Many people though that what's left from their salary, that's what the blessing comes from. Little that they know, what we give/sadaqah to others is the blessing itself
  • A person asked UAI what kind of reward Allah swt gives to non-muslims who like to do charity. The answer is; Allah will reward them in terms of good health & panjang umur. Can you imagine the reward yang Allah akan bagi to us, Muslim yang suka sadaqah?
  • Have you heard/read about how a prostitute was rewarded with jannah just because she helped a thirsty dog to drink from a well by using her own shoe?
  • Jangan merungut jika selalu orang datang minta sadaqah dengan kita. It's one of the signs that our money is berkat
  • Smile moreee because it's also a form of sadaqah! :)

Iklan jap

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