Monday, 25 August 2014

Getting Married : The Wedding Photographer

Assalamualaikum & hi!

I don't know why we put this on hold but bila lagi 6 bulan left before wedding, we became quite gelabah (or rather me yang terlebih gelabah. Hehe!) about finding & getting our wedding photographer. Our wedding will be during Chinese New Year holiday next year, InsyaAllah which means, weddings here & there pada masa itu! 

Worried that we might not get a good wedding photographer to shoot our happy moments, I put up an s.o.s status on Fb, asking for help/suggestion/recommendation from dear friends

Tqvm for all the recommendations/suggestions etc everyone!   *blows virtual flying kisses*

There a few reasons why I want a Kelantanese as our wedding photographer & sesungguhnya tiada niat di hati mek untuk bersifat assabiyah di situ ya?

  • It will be easier for me to communicate or discuss or bak kato ore Kelate, 'mudoh nok kecek kiro' with the photographer mugo duduk same area keyh?
  • Logistic-wise as I don't have to provide him with accommodation & transportation. Plus, since he's local, he won't have any problem (hope so!) in finding & reaching the location(s)
  • A.H & I planned to have our outdoor photography session a day after akad nikah, reception & majlis bertandang & I know if we are about to hire someone who isn't based in Kelantan, we'll have to pay for extra charge(s) & there's a high possibility that he won't be able to entertain our demand
  • Local photographers haruslah tahu tempat-tempat yang awesome for outdoor shoot around Kelate. I don't think I'll opt for beach. Plus, being shy-shy meow me, of course I won't feel comfortable posing in front of crowd or public :P 

Other than hiring a Kelantanese as our wedding photographer, it's also important to me that I am & will be comfortable working with him. I'm naturally a shy person when it comes to pose in front of camera, especially with someone I'm not familiar with. I even told A.H half jokingly that I don't want somebody young & very good-looking as our photographer, nanti tersegan lebih. Hehe! :P

We did a lot of reviews, liked & followed some FB pages & Instagram, studied the pictures & sent e-mails asking for the details & package etc. Rambang mata jugak actually nak buat the final decision. Anyway, if you're bride/groom-to-be in Kelate & still looking for photographers, I hope this list may help you in making decision

Different photographer may have different photography package with of course comes with different price, it's all up to you to decide. Knowing what you want & the style you want your photographer to capture your happy wedding day is also important, besides his editing skill. I personally don't like extreme edited wedding photos sampai muka pun berubah jadi lain

Tak pasal-pasal muka Kelate ori mek ini diedit & bertukar menjadi Miranda Kerr. Gitteww!

Anyway, berbalik kepada topik asal, it wasn't that difficult before A.H & I made a decidion on which wedding photographer we would like to hire. Of course, prior to that we studied his Instagram, Fb & Blog & e-mailed him for quotation & asking a few questions. In fact, I met him once during my friend's wedding last June. And tqvm Ira sebab dok melobi sokmo

And we chose ...

Macam mana lah nak pose depan photographer nanti ni? Sesungguhnya I'm such a kaku person T_T

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