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The Engagement : The Dress

The A.H & Suria's Engagement, 10/05/2014

As mentioned in this 'The Engagement Preparation' post, I refused to spend so much on the engagement dress & the shawls. I even wasn't keen on the idea of renting them at any bridal boutique. I know that for some, the engagement dress is the most vital part of the ceremony but I personally think, the engagement ring is more important ;)

I don't know why most people opted to wear a plain dress/baju kurung on their engagement but I was one of them. Hehe! Saw a few pictures on the internet of how some girls rocking on their engagement wearing baju bercorak-corak on bold colours. I think they looked nice too but it all depends on your personal preference

So, the solution was to buy a pair of modern baju kurung with beads. I was lucky that the Mother has a friend who owns boutiques, so she brought home a few dresses for me to try on since I didn't have much time to do all the engagement dress hunting

I finally settled on a pair of peach modern baju kurung with some beads. It was simple, just the way I wanted my Engagement dress to be although I didn't have any specific design in my mind

I totally forgot to snap some proper pictures of the dress using the dslr. So, bila amik guna compact digicam, the colour of the dress turned out different. Maybe jugak sebab lighting dalam bilik yang suam-suam kuku

On the other hand, A.H he wore a shirt peach with a few maroon wide vertical stripes paired with a pair of grey pants. Some people chose to wear baju melayu + dress of the same colour on their engagement but we chose to don in something simple. Nanti akad nikah & reception, barulah kita pakai baju sedondon all out gittewww

Meanwhile for the shawls,

For the first layer, I wore a plain ordinary shawl which I had worn it earlier during the Merisik in March. Meanwhile for the second (outer) layer, I wore a half-moon shawl sewn with beads. I really can't tell what the colour is but me & the Mother purposely chose a lighter colour to match the first-layer shawl & the dress

I was worried honestly that the colours of the dress + shawls might be clashed but it turned out quite okay I guess. For RM23, it's worth the money

As for the magic inner (I still don't really understand why people call it magic), it was a last minute decision & I bought it at one bridal boutique in front of Pantai Timur Pengkalan Chepa. Kalau ikut original plan, nak pakai shawls with my ordinary black serkup je, senang. Hehe!

Anyhow, sharing about my Engagement dress doesn't mean that I think mine was perfect (I think the colour of my dress camouflaged a bit with the dais/background. Should have chosen another colour perhaps?). My tips to any miss fiancee-to-be who reads this, it's very important to know what you want & you're feeling comfortable with the dress. After all, you definitely want to have the best look on your (second) big day :)

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