Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Engagement : The DIY Mini Dais

I always love the DIY projects & I considered myself lucky that the Father is a handyman while the Mother has the creative touch. So, when we started discussing about the engagement preparation & all immediately after the Merisik on 23/03/2014, I made my proposal to have my own DIY mini dais

You may read about it here

Well, except that I didn't have much time (or rather tangan tak berseni) to get myself involved 100% in the making of. So, the Parents earned all the credits though

Alhamdulillah, we didn't spend much on the mini dais since we already had almost everything needed;
  • The Cleopatra seat
  • The Moroccan inspired pillows (the Mother bought the sheets from Mekah)
  • The backdrop (extra kain lebih from the curtain)
  • The yellow bling-bling thingy hung with the backdrop curtain
  •  The small square thingy with some purple flowers on it at the centre of the backdrop (it is actually the Sister's penutup bekas hantaran during her wedding way back in 2008. It was the Mother's idea. Hehe!)
  • The red carpet
  • The home chandelier to give that yellow lighting effect

We (I mean, the Mother & the Sister. Ahem!) only spent some money on;
  •  The 2 vases of flowers on the right & left sides of the Cleopatra seat. Bought the vase, flowers & the stands from WS Handricaft, K.Bharu & asked them to gubah for us. Couldn't remember how much we paid for them but the bungas tu boleh recycle untuk raya as well
  • The hanging bunga (?) to compliment the backdrop which we also bought from the same shop

The making of

Oh btw, the mini dais was set up at the area where the dining table is usually at

It took the Parents about a month to get it done sebab buat sikit-sikit bila ada free time & juggling between daily chores + looking after my nephew, Umar while the Sister was at work. It may look simple but a simple engagement mini dais was all I wanted ab initio

So, tqvm Ma & Abah! I'm forever debtful. Alhamdulillah

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