Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Engagement : The Rings

 His & Hers; our Engagement Rings

I think the most symbolic part of every engagement is the rings & for ours, they are from Habib Jewels

From the very beginning, A.H wanted a simple engagement ring for himself mainly due to his nature of work. Ok, scratch that. His profession doesn't even allow wearing accessories to work. So, it made the whole process of finding a perfect ring for him was a lot easier, as compared to mine

In fact, he chose the simplest ring among many designs on the trays. Couldn't help but to ask him a few times "Betul ke nak yang ni?" because truth be told, I was more interested on other designs. Hehe!

Mine, on the other hand, there were some dramas involved unfortunately. My Engagement ring wasn't ready to be collected for our Engagement ceremony, not even a week after. Lambat siap from the estimated period given by the jeweler itself. Sigh! So, in order to compensate that, Habib Jewels lent us the ring with the exact design but different carat. You may read about it here

Despite the fact that I only got to wear my real Engagement ring only a month after my Engagement ceremony on 10/05/2014, I still love everything about it, so does A.H

Except that it's a bit longgar! And my Family & A.H have been bugging me to put on more weight. Haih!

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Zatil Aqmar said...

You're getting married yayyy! Congrats :))

Happy wedding prep! You're gonna have a lot of fun I promise XD

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