Monday, 14 April 2014


Merisik is basically the first step towards marriage. Usually, it's an intimate event where both families will discuss about the engagement date & other important matters. Some people will skip the merisik part & will go straight to engagement

In our case, since both of the families never met each other before, a merisik was somehow necessary

Saya: If bertunang orang panggil fiance & fiancee. If di risik, orang panggil apa?
A.H: Hurm... Seek?
Saya: So, jadi seeker & seekee?

Lols! Ntah pape :P

A.H told me that he would like to come with his family for merisik about a week after he came here to meet my Parents & family in early March. That was about less than 2 months after we got to know each other in January. If you ask me, of course I'll say "Everything happened so fasttt!" but all praises to Allah swt for making things easy for both of us & everyone involved

I was clueless about the merisik because when it was my Sister's, I was at the uni & didn't get to witness it. I couldn't help but to get panic & ask people around; "What should I do? Do I need to go out & salam everyone? Tak boleh ke kalau tak keluar? When do I need to go out? Do I need to smile? Do I need to carry the food tray & hidang to everyone? (so traditional -.-') How if I stumble in front of everyone? Do I need to buat pengsan-pengsan ke macam mana?" etc. Lols!

 The night before

So, A.H's rombongan merisik came on 23/03/2014, Sunday at about 3 p.m. There were about 20 people from A.H's side; his parents & his youngest sister, Nenek, aunts, uncles & cousins. And campur family & relatives from my side, ramai juga la. The main dishes served were laksa penang & laksam with some desserts

I wasn't at the living hall during the discussion. In fact, I was left alone in the second living hall while my family & others were discussing in the main living hall. Nasib baik ada anak-anak sepupu jadi tukang informer on what's happening outside. The ucapan pembukaan majlis was delivered by his Nenek as rombongan lelaki's spoke-person while from my side, it was my uncle, Ayah Sham

During the majlis, A.H texted me a few times asking me bila nak keluar, his relatives nak tengok katanya. I told him I was nervous & "boleh tak kalau tak keluar?" -.-'

I was finally being called out to salam everyone after the discussion & makan-makan. Perasaan nervous bila nak keluar tu lagi banyak daripada nervous nak appear depan Judge or TP/PKP. Rasa macam robot je & nak cepat-cepat habis. You know the awkward feeling when you know everyone is looking or watching you. Oh, I remember salam-ed one of A.H's aunts & she said, "Sejuknya tangan". Hehe! It was my first time meeting his family. In fact, kalau termasuk dengan hari merisik, A.H & I just met 3 kali. Malu-malu kucin lagi orang kata

So, the engagement date was confirmed & agreed by both sides during the majlis merisik. It's going to be on 10/05/2014, Saturday. InsyaAllah

So far, there are some things that haven't done/settled/finished yet but we're slowly making progress with the preparations. So many things to do with so little free time in hands. It feels surreal sometimes but I pray may Allah ease our affairs, preparation & things we're anticipating. Amin...

So, now I'm a seekee!

Never a fan of ring(s) but wearing this makes me happy. Alhamdulillah :)

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