Sunday, 13 April 2014

Ini Law Firm, Bukan Pusat Pengumpulan Susu Lembu

No, not my table

My table at the office is in a dire need of a makeover. I've been seeing the same things & arrangement for 2 months I think? Or more. Rimas & boring. I need to surround myself with more colourful & bright pretty things

I've been always dreaming that my table is placed next to a beautiful window with a very nice view. Perhaps some big shady trees to give a cooler feeling, overlooking a green pretty field. I can stare at the blue skies while listening to birds chipping happily while trying to finish off my legal work. Just to refresh my mind while looking for some ideas

Oh! There's also a calm lazy stream nearby where you can see my cat, Boboy trying to catch that water groove. No Boboy, it's not a moving toy. It's just water. W-A-T-E-R

Berangan gila. Ni law firm ke ofis pusat pengumpulan susu lembu?

P/s: Well, hallo to my new reader slash stalker, A.H! "A dr is also a spy" katanya. Lols!
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