Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Meet The Guy (Part 4)

Assalamualaikum & hi!

I realized that my blog has been flooded with 'Meet The Guy' series lately but I promised that this post is the final one before I move on to more exciting (at least for me) yet tedious part. Nak cepat-cepat habis bercerita sebab tu posts berturut-turut. Hehe!

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Meet the Parents & Family 

A.H came to our house to meet my Parents & family on 01/03/2014, the final day of his 3 days of stay here. And that was actually the main reason why he was here in the first place

Unlike the previous 2 days where I was accompanied by Diha or Baei, that afternoon I had to drive alone & fetch him at Habib Hotel, the hotel he was staying. It was Sunday; Baei was working while Diha had some matters in the morning & everybody at home was either busy in the kitchen or with something else to accompany me to fetch A.H

Or perhaps, dorang saja nak bagi chance? Hehe!

A.H spent about 5 hours with my family, most of the time chit-chatting with Abah & my Bro-in-law. Meanwhile us ladies, well suddenly we became shy & reserved, Ma especially! Hahaha! But things were good, Alhamdulillah & I could see that A.H was comfortable with my family & vice versa. In fact, he acted as if he's already apart of the family yakni makan nasi 3 pinggan, masuk dapur 2 kali untuk basuh pinggan & played with Umar while Abah was holding him. You know, like a real family & he's good at it

 Umar being happy as usual

And watching him go to the masjid for solat Zuhur & Asar with Abah & the BIL totally made me go auwww. I never saw him wearing kain pelikat & kopiah (both were borrowed from Abah) & watching him riding the motorcycle with Abah to the masjid, sighhh! How should I describe it? It was so cute beyond words! Albeit funny! Macam balancing sedikit fail. Lols!

Saying good bye

He spent his final hours at K.Bharu with his housemate in Auckland, H. But Diha came out with an idea that we should go & meet him for the last time at the airport. I thought it was a funny idea but yup, I finally went to the airport to send him off that night, with Diha as the company

Unlike the first day when he arrived with me feeling slightly disturbed & annoyed, sending him off definitely gave me a strange feeling but I was still adamant about it. Perhaps I was stubborn or being too careful or in denial or perhaps the combination of that 3

But I was finally moved by his patience & determination

As cliche as it sounds, A.H's definitely different & I'm glad he never gave up on me despite me being difficult, cold & all. He knew what he wanted & he fought for & worked on it. He makes me happy & most importantly, my Parents, family & my close girl friends like him & that matters most actually

It's like my duas have been answered when I least expected it & therefore, I thank Allah swt for A.H. Alhamdulillah :)

So, please meet A.H everyone!
Why does he look like an 18 year-old boy in this pict? Makes me feel so old
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