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Meet The Guy (Part 3)

Assalamualaikum & hi! 

Honestly, I had some 'I'm not sure' moments whether I shall continue posting the introduction series of 'Meet The Guy'. Part of me is saying that I should stop but another part of me is telling me that 'it's okay, girl. Its' not that you want to brag of something. It's just a documentation for future's reading or more like for self-reference' *repeats this almost every day*

You see, I'm not a lovey-dovey type of person but this thing is significant

So, alright. I think I'll continue posting about it & please bare with me! Apologies if this kind of posts have made some of you threw up or clicked that 'x' red button. Hehe!


From Fb chat to Whatssap

We started as friends at Fb & the conversations at Fb chat/private msg actually continued for weeks without a single hint that he would ask for my hp no

So, I assumed he isn't interested or rather not that interested in me. What's more when he once asked me why I don't get married yet & ask me to find a calon. Like pfttttttttt! Hallo? Perlu keee nak tanya soalan sensitif macam tu baru beberapa hari kenal kot? Sentap mek! Lols!

He only started keeping in touch with me via whatssap after I returned from KL & my hp hasn't stopped beeping since then. Lols!

Getting serious

A few days after returning from KL, I noticed that A.H has started becoming more serious discussing about our relationship & future. It freaked me out in some ways because truth be told, I wasn't ready for any serious relationship at that moment for some reasons. And due to the fact that we've just known like ... a month ago?

It was until he told me that he wanted to come & meet my parents that made me realize that he's very serious. Like very serious. I was shocked of course. Tanjattt mek! Being a drama queen me, haruslah ada unsur-unsur drama hatta walaupun sedikit. Lols! I told him to give me some times, 'let's us just be friends first & go with the flow alright?' & ignored his whatssap msg dengan harapan supaya beliau berputus asa. Hehe!

But A.H is really one persistent & patient guy. Also a very determined one I must say & beliau tidak berputus asa seperti yang saya harapkan nampaknya

Despite me being so cold & heartless (hallo! Macho girl here!), he planned his holiday (he just completed his surgical posting with a week of leaves & had to apply a day off before starting his new posting at the paeds dept), booked his flight tickets & came to Kelantan on 27/02/2014 & finally met my parents & family on 01/03/2014

You can read about him coming to Kelate at this post; Playing Host

I have to admit that during his first day here in Kelantan, I was still mad at him with a bit of feeling guilty (women are complicated sometimes, yes?). I disliked his guts for coming here & I intentionally ignored him with an intention to make him understand that we're still in that friend zone. Kesian A.H selalu kena ignore or being left out bila kitorang jalan-jalan while me & Diha or Baei were having some good girls' day out. You know, macam kitorang pulak the tourists. Tsk!

But he was cool about it. So cool that it had make me think, "This dude is very something lah". Besides, both of my friends, Baei & Diha like him which is one of the contributory factors that led to me shifting out from that friend zone

And everything eventually finally changed when he met my parents & family on his final day here

To be continued ...

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