Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Happy 17th Birthday Baei!

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Went to Cafe Jiran, Jalan Demit K.Bharu (near Ajih Nasi Lemak) for dinner yesterday evening with my girlfriends. Since everybody is busy with work, life, qadha-ing tido etc, we didn't have time for typical Raya session together. So, a makan-makan do like this once in a while qadha-ed all the missing reunions we always planned to have

Everybody ordered the same dish (despite the fact that Baei & Che Ra took like forever before they could decide what they want on the menu *rolls eyes*). Lupa pulak fancy name dia, juicy ape ntah but lamb chop la kekdahnya. RM18.60 per plate if I'm not mistaken

It was either our knives were blunt or lamb tu yang liat but it was still good. Love the mashed potato & the sauce. The pizza was also good. If it wasn't because I was already full, I would have finished 2 slices of pizza in the blink of eyes. Gitteww!

Oh, it was also Baei's birthday yesterday! Happy 17th birthday Baei! (banyak gila discount umur. Lols!) This girl turns a year older but her sense of humours never seemed to fade away. We were classmates for 4 years at Sains Pasir Puteh & she's definitely been my source of laughter & stok gosip all these years. Hehe! And I know I'm in the right set of friends when the first thing we do whenever we meet is laugh laugh & laugh

Jumpa then ketawa tanpa sebarang alasan kukuh, adakah anda juga memiliki kawan-kawan sebegini?

From L to R: Che Ra (isteri orang & juga ibu kepada 3 year-old Rifqi but why does she look like she's the youngest among us 3?), yours truly & the birthday girl  

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