Friday, 8 August 2014

Getting Married : The Food Caterer

Assalamualaikum & jumma mubarak!

After a few discussions going on between the Parents, the Sister & I, we finally managed to convince the Mother to hire a caterer for my wedding in February. Like finally! Alhamdulillah & yayy!

As mentioned a few times before, my Mother is a fan of cooking & also a good cook herself. She & her friends used to cook at people's weddings & they were very good at that. So hiring a wedding caterer is really a big deal to us as it never happened in this household. Tu pun she still insisted to cook a few lauk tambahan sebab risau tak cukup  -.-' 

Well, of course we were against her idea. Apakah gunanya hire a wedding caterer if tuan rumah masih mahu sibuk-sibuk  & penat-penat memasak sekali? Just let them do their business & serve the guests, alright Ma?

Anyway, there a lot of food caterers in K.Bharu, some were recommended by close friends & family but we finally decided to hire Citarasa Linda Katering (CLK)

It all began when the Sister & I saw the pictures of majlis akikah of Baby Kayla (Khairul Fahmi & Leuniey's daughter) recently on their Instagrams where CLK was the food caterer. Terliur mek melihat akan kambing golek itteww! So, we thought, CLK must be good lah to be hired by the famous couple kan? Good reviews from customers pun banyak. Plus, CLK's kitchen is situated in Pasir Hor which is about 5 minutes away from our house! So dekat!

To cut the story short, the Sister contacted the owner, Kak Linda a few weeks ago & was provided with the package list. Mek haruslah gigih, from whatssap msg mek sent to e-mail, then transfer it to Words then print supaya senang dibentangkan di hadapan kedua-dua orang tua semasa meeting anak-beranak which was held last Tuesday night

Some of the packages offered by CLK

The packages are from as low as RM9 to RM18 per head with some optional additional menus like ABC, bubur jagung, kambing golek etc. If you're interested to have the package list, I can e-mail it to you. You may also follow CLK's Instagram

So, it's safe to say that we can now tick off 1 thing from the 'To Do' List after settling on the bridal package last June! Alhamdulillah!

Next; photographer, kursus kahwin, invitation cards & HIV test. May Allah ease. Amin...

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