Thursday, 7 August 2014

Raya Shoes aka Court Shoes

Assalamualaikum & hi! Apa khabar?

I'm not the type of women who will buy shoes on monthly basis or whenever I feel like my feet are getting bored wearing the same pairs of shoes for months/years (have you seen your feet yawn?). I prefer to spend my salary to pamper & savour my taste buds & tummy at restaurants rather than spend it on a pair of shoes 

My principle; never be berkira with food. If it can make your tummy happy, then why not? #dilemaseorangwanita 

A few days before Raya, the Mother & I went to KB Mall for a shoe hunting despite the crazy cray crayyyy traffic. Gigih tak gigih weolss! It wasn't because of the Mother who was so semangat want to belanja me a pair of Raya shoes, I would have picked my comfy bed at home anytime. Dahla puasa. If tak puasa, bolehla minum air pujuk tekak yang kehausan supaya bersabar

And since I've stopped buying sandals a few years ago & I opt for fully covered shoes or flats, it even made my shoe hunting a bit tricky more than ever. It was frustrating having to say no to a line of sexy shoes on the racks while my type of shoes are always skema & less sexy ones. Tsk!

To cut the story short, here what I bought;

A pair of black skema Raya shoes

To make myself feel better, my current beloved 5 cm court shoes are nearly 1 year-old (bought them for my Long Call in August last year) & they have started to show some signs of aging. Well, if you get what I mean. So, I thought, "Ok lah. After raya can wear again these shoes!"

But after wearing them for a few days, I don't think this is a pair of court shoes that is on par with my usual court shoe standard. This pair doesn't have that 'X' feeling, you know the feeling of having something that boosts your confidence instantly. After all, the shoes are just 3 cm, not tinggi enough for a petite person like moi. At least kalau pakai yang 5 cm, boleh la fefeeling tinggi macam orang 160 cm T_T

Besides, the court has always been our runaway for us, lawyers. Maka, it's so important to have a pair of shoes that make us feel confident & fefeeling like diva! *flips robe*

Sekian cerita mengenai kasut raya saya. Kasut raya anda bagaimana pula?

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