Sunday, 28 September 2014

Bam Bam

Late night supper, 21/09/2014

I read somewhere that depressed people are prone to crave for salty, sweet & ___ (couldn't remember what another one is) food

I think I've become one of them T_T

I've been craving for junk food & chocolates like nobody's business lately. I even had 3 to 5 drops of Kisses chocolate for breakfast & after dinner. Huihh! Nafsu apakah ini? Nafsu lembu?

Sent A.H a photo of me (please don't judge! Lols!) in the car this morning before heading to work & realized what chubby cheeks I have! It was then supported by these pictures (of me & my 11-month old nephew, Umar who's going to turn 1 in 2 days! ) & as if it wasn't enough, it was also testified by A.H himself. Gahhhh!
I wonder how many grams/kg my 2 cheeks are!

Need to start control my chocolate intakes from now on & maybe, start to exercise too. Agak-agak sempat ke pipi tu kurus balik mase Raya Haji ni?

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