Thursday, 25 September 2014

Getting Married : I Need Your Help

A multi-tasker was  hard at work, 24/09/2014

A couch  potato now she is!

Have I told you yet that I'm in a love-hate relationship with my job?

But among many things that I love about it is its flexibility which means when I'm very busy, forget lunch & diri ini boleh diibaratkan seperti seekor obor-obor sotong yang berkerjaya but when I've free times in hands, goyang kaki sambil melayari internet dengan senang hati

Hakikatnya, fee times bukan datang selalu but when I have it, I'll be trying to be a multi-tasker by doing some wedding-related stuff, like surveying the vendor that could provide me the cheapest price for some stuff I'm eying at now

I think almost all brides-to-be have this kind of habit where they will hunt for the best bargain. It's not only for the sake of saving some money (like why do you want to pay A RM200 when B could provide you with the same goods for only RM150?) but also for utmost satisfaction. Ala, macam kita pilih baju or kasut raya. Sanggup pusing malls or Jalan Tar berjam-jam although kadang-kadang balik rumah tanpa menjinjit sebarang beg plastik #dilemaseorangwanita

I'm currently on a mission to get some stickers & wedding stamps. One of the things about me; I hate making people disappointed which explains why I'm quite reluctant to send those people some private messages to ask them some questions walaupun ada yang betul-betul tak kisah pun. Tak nak bagi harapan, kesian pulak bila dorang entertain kita jawab itu-ini but in the end, tak jadi beli pun. Sigh!

I've made some jalan-jalan cuci mata but I'd really love to keep my option wide. So, does anyone here know or have any experience in buying stickers or stamp from any online shop? If so, would you please please please drop a comment & suggest me its Fb or Instagram? Tqvm people!
Oh lupe nak share, these are my favourite so far;

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