Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Getting Married : Invitation Cards

Assalamualaikum & hi!

People have been asking for our wedding invitation cards which made me think, do we really need to get them done & distributed them now? We're still 5 months away from the wedding & I'm afraid that if we start inviting people formally through cards now, people might have forgotten about it, sooner or later. Bagi awal-awal kang basi pulak

But I learn from many blogs of brides-to-be that it's no harm to plan & start early. At least nanti we can focus on other things ayte?

No matter how much we want ours to be minimalist yet stylish, pretty & awesome (or you may insert any adjective here to describe a wedding invitation card), we still need to consider a few factors & the utmost one is the practicality. We were so tempted to design our invitation cards but unfortunately, none of us does really have time for that. Busy kerja. Sobs! We've also seen a lot of pretty hipster-design invitation cards on the net & put them into our 'consideration-list' but we finally decided to waive them & opt for something hmmmm ... normal/biasa?

Here are 2 designs that I fancy, both taken from here

Bye-bye pretty cards T_T

So, last Saturday, 20/09/2014, accompanied by the Mother & Sister, we went to this one card shop Uniq Trading at Jalan Tengku Ismail, K.Bharu (near Billion, Kota Sri Mutiara, Jln Langgar). You may google about this shop & a few bloggers had blogged about it

My Sister previously bought her invitation cards (kad kosong) at the same shop & had them printed at a printing shop suggested by the owner, a very friendly & helpful Chinese uncle. Sebab kedai ni supplier untuk kedai-kedai jual kad, all the cards there are relatively & undeniably cheaper compared to other shops & it has a plenty of design to choose, all depending on your budget. Say, for the same design other shops might sell it for RM1.50 or RM2.00 per piece, but Uncle tu boleh bagi RM0.65 je. Plus printing cost which is around 7 sen per card, boleh save banyak dah

Anyway, I'm still waiting for A.H to finish the map (the majlis bertandang will be held at his maternal grandmother's house at Wakaf Bharu, InsyaAllah) & until he finishes with the drawing & direction, all 1000 pieces of the empty cards will be stayed there in the store, waiting patiently to reunite with printing shop *hint to A.H*

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