Monday, 8 September 2014

Getting Married : Kursus Pra Perkahwinan

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Procrastination is not good, people! Not good! Not good especially when it comes to marriage preparation like attending the Kursus PraPerkahwinan slash Kursus Kahwin. Thank Allah for having some concern friends like Intan who constantly checked whether I already booked a slot. She even e-mailed me & my other friends the jadual & form

So, Alhamdulillah, on 21/08/2014 itu (amidst settling some matters at the court & LHDN, macam lipas drive kereta), *we managed to book a slot on 10 & 11/10. Yayyy! *throws water balloons & confetti*

*We = UiTM Law grads who were so busy to attending the course during uni days. Dulu-dulu busy study katanya, bf pun takdok *flips robe* Now baru nak gelabah attend the course sama-sama secara berjemaah. Bak kata ore Kelate, "heroin tok ggaduh" atau mungkin juga kurang ambitious untuk berkahwin gara-gara sibuk menumpukan perhatian kepada pelajaran

The course is conducted almost every week but if you're busy working people like us *flips robe once again*, then you may want to book the weekend slot. Unfortunately, the weekend slots are only available on certain months. For example, if you live in K.Bharu, the soonest one will be on 10 & 11/10. Otherwise, the options you have is either;
  • 1) attend the course during weekdays; or 
  • 2) attend the course at other district such as in Pasir Mas, Bachok etc

Tak pun, kalau nak fefeeling musafir, bolehlah attend di Gua Musang atau Jeli

Anyway, in case you're not familiar with the whole procedure;

  • Get the form & jadual from Pejabat Agama jajahan masing-masing (or you may e-mail me at to get them. Yes yes, you're welcome)
  • Check the available dates, fill in the form & the dates that you wish to attend the course
  • Submit the form + a copy of your IC + fee RM72 (bayaran kursus + sampul sijil) to Pejabat Agama jajahan masing-masing. If you live or want to attend the course in K.Bharu, you may submit them at Pejabat Agama Jajahan Kota Bharu at Kompleks Balai Islam, Lundang
  • They would give you a copy of Resit Rasmi, Peraturan Kursus & most importantly, the dates of the course

A.H, on the other hands hasn't booked a slot yet dek kerana kesibukannya bekerja mengubati bayi-bayi & kanak-kanak yang sakit di ward orthopedic. Although we would really love to attend it together, haruslah pasrah kerana LDR ini. It's okay, I'll keep disturbing whatssap-ing him throughout the 2-day course demi untuk berkongsi ilmu secara live

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