Saturday, 6 September 2014

Hobi Saya

Ma chambre, 04/09/2014

I spent about 3 hours of my Thursday night rearranging the furniture in my bedroom. What a wild night I had, huh?

My wooden queen-sized bed & mattress are so heavy that it usually took 2 people to move them but I did move them alone, all by myself anyway. Can you see my determination slash kesungguhan di situ? I take it as a personal achievement although I woke up to a hurting back yesterday morning. Haih!

I'm a type of person who can't stand seeing thing(s) being untouched for too long. My bedroom for instance, these 4 pink walls have seen all sorts of arrangements since a few years ago. Meanwhile my little corner in the office, despite its limited space it also had gone through a few changes of arrangements since I started working there in June 2012. Can't imagine when I have my own room soon (which is next to the boss' & the wall is a see-thru glass one) because I really don't mind not having one *cries*

And when A.H & I are married (insyaAllah), hopefully he won't be busy at the hospital whenever I need his help to move around the furniture. This habit of mine; it's unpredictable & not to forget, sweaty but who cares about it when it can make me go to sleep feeling happier? ;)

The Sims 4 dah available ke kat Malaysia? Nak cari kat Low Yat la next week. Dah lama tak fefeeling jadi interior designer

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