Friday, 5 September 2014

The Engagement : The Door Gifts

The A.H & Suria's Engagement,  10/05/2014 

We didn't think that the Engagement's door gifts are necessary until we went to WS Handricaft, K.Bharu (to buy things for the DIY mini dais & hantaran decoration) & the Mother decided that we should give something to the guests as tokens of appreciation, apart from serving them with nasi, desserts etc

We then settled on 50 boxes of round peach boxes & filled them with some sweets

There are many types of door gifts to choose which all depends on your preference, event, theme & of course budget. Although I always love the DIY project, my work commitment doesn't  always on my side. Siang kerja, malam pulak mental & fizikal dah penat. Plus, not having many siblings to help around (fyi, I only have 1 elder sister), penat jugak kan nak buat DIY sorang-sorang. So, in my case, best solution was kita beli yang siap & simple sudeyyy

Anyway, we spent RM83.40 for 50 round peach boxes + sweets

Meanwhile for the upcoming wedding, we haven't finalized on the door gifts. Rambang mata dok survey but probably we should stick to what we are always aiming for; practical, not too expensive & will not get wasted. People have been reminding me to not go overboard with 2 things during wedding preparation; invitation cards & door gifts kerana sesungguhnya membazir & berlebih-lebihan itu amalan syaitonnn

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