Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Cerita Cermin Baru Saya

 Gambar hiasan

Went to this kedai pengantin in the town with the staff, Sharifah B while waiting for our tapau-ed food. I always love going into this type of kedai, even long before I decided to marry A.H (poyonya ayat :P) When I was a child, I used to fantasize what I wanted to buy for my wedding whenever I was in any kedai pengantin

"I want this, this, this, that, the one over there blablabla" said 8-year-old me

Fast forward a few years later & 3 months 4 weeks 2 days & 8 hours away from my wedding, I'm still having a self-created confusion on what I want for my wedding. I'm a fan of many (bright) colours, so I don't simply have one most favourite colour. But having so many colours combined in one wedding could be a disaster & I definitely don't want mine to be one. Nauzibillah

Berbalik kepada cerita masuk kedai kahwin tadi, of course I didn't leave the kedai empty-handed. Saw some stacked plastic bags filled with some pretty & colourful things inside & being someone who loves many (bright) colours (as mentioned above), I couldn't help but to ask the sale assistant to take a look at them

One thing led to another & I eventually brought this baby home, my RM1.00 mirror who is also the latest member to my very humble make-up bag. Hehe!

Comes with different shapes, colours & designs

Sekian sahaja cerita cermin baru saya. Thank you for reading! And today is the last of work before 5 days of holiday! Ta zaba rasanya!
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