Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Getting Married : Choosing The Right Fabrics

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Went to Gulati's Silk House with the Sister on Sunday evening right after work with an important mission to buy some fabrics for the family for my akad nikah & reception

Gulati's Silk House Kota Bharu, 12/10/2014

It wasn't as easy as I thought especially when your eyes were feasted with countless rows of fabrics. Remind me so much to rainbow cookies. Yums! And since it was near Maghrib, we literally owned the store!

My Sister made the entire decision from choosing the colour scheme to the design, with my approval of course (who couldn't restrain myself from yawning a few times. Kedai kain doesn't excite me that much I guess?). There was even a change of what we had agreed earlier, from colour A to colour B. Mase tu macam dah dapat agak that the Mother at home might not be please with our choice

Nonetheless about 1 hour later, we chose what we think the best, proceeded with the payment & went home with some fabrics, enough for everyone (including Umar's) to have their own pair of baju for the wedding

And guess what? We are freaking right!

The Mother DOESN'T LIKE the fabrics for some reasons. She even threatened us that she will opt for something else i.e I dowan this kain! I want to buy another oneee!

*laughs cries laughs cries (repeats this 274894949 times)*

Well, it's true that marriage preparation isn't just all about the bride & groom, but it's also about the Family & everyone involved. Remember when I told you that preparing for marriage can be/is tiring? Yes yes, in my case (unfortunately) it is but unity is the living force yada yada yada. So, chill Suria chill. Nanti kita slow talk balik dengan beliau. Tolerance is the key, remember? 

*tries so hard not to be a bridezilla*

Now, please ya Allah grant us the highest level of patient to deal with the Mother, our biggest Armchair Critic, the Queen of the House, Mrs Quality Controller & the Master of Fabrics

Tomorrow is her birthday  btw. Maybe I shall bring her to Gulati's & let her choose her own birthday present which you might have guessed it right by now what it will be. Hehe!

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