Thursday, 16 October 2014

Happy (Belated) Birthday Umar & Tok Ma!

Assalamualaikum & hi!

We have 2 October babies in our family; my nephew, Umar (01/10/2013) & the Lady of the House slash the Mother (15/10/1954). Tok Ma pun still October baby ye walaupun dah 60 years old. Hehe!

Of course, being the first grandchild Umar is for the both sides of the families & the fact that that was his very first birthday, we were very excited for him although Umar was like "What's up man? Why so excited & bising-bising? Where is my biskut kering, I just want my biskut kering!" *sambil jalan terkedek-kedek while trying so hard to balance his body*

Nonetheless, all praises to Allah for this nikmat umur & happiness

05/10/2014, first day of Eid Adha

09/10/2014, Umar's mini concert at Juara Ikan Bakar, Kubang Kerian

Tok Abah, Umar & Tok Ma; these 3 are inseparable & they look very cute together. Auwww! Even Umar's first words were 'Abahhh ba ba baa!' & 'Maaaa!'. My Parents must be so proud. So, is there any hope that he can say 'Mama Sue' first before 'Ummi' & 'Abi'? Hehe! #obsessedaunty

I think I need to do another birthday post for these 2 October babies. My work needs me more now. Sigh!

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