Monday, 3 November 2014

Bye-bye Streamyx, Hello DiGi MobiFi

Assalamualaikum & hi! 

After having so many series of love-hate relationship with TM Streamyx for the past 7 years (or +), my Sister & I finally decided that it's about time. It was just so happened that the Streamyx bual hal when the Sister was busy with the moving out process to her new house. So, she went to TM Point to terminate the service & we were left wifi-less for a few days

But being me, I really can't just rely on 1 GB of mobile internet quota T_T My friends at Whatssap, Instagram, this blog & Fb need me. Or the other way around. Whatever!

So, I fixed the self-created problem with this! (Or rather, A.H helped me to fix my problem as he brought it all the way from KL. Merci beaucoup mon fiancé!)


8GB of internet quota for RM65 per month (or RM5 off if you're DiGi Postpaid suscriber like moi), I think it's really worth the money (also available for 1GB (RM25) & 4GB (RM45)). I was once a Maxis, Celcom & Clixters costumer but from my humble experience, DiGi's coverage & its internet speed is way better than other telco

What I like most about it is its practicality. You can bring the portable WiFi hotspot anywhere you go, no wire attached & you can share the internet with up to 10 different devices, including laptops & tabs. It's great for someone who's always on the go but with limited mobile data (like me. Eheh!). Since it's very light, you can just simply keep it inside your handbag without putting extra weight on your shoulder. The battery (which is rechargeable & also comes with in-car charger) can stand up to 10 hours per day or probably more depending on the usage

You may read more about it here:

No, I'm not paid to promote this. This is from my own experience :)

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