Monday, 22 December 2014

Getting Married: The Invitation Cards

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Our invitation cards are finally ready!

Yes yes, I know that the cards look the same i.e the reception at my house (21/02/2015) & majlis bertandang at A.H's grandmother's house (22/02/2015) & we purposely wanted them that way. We are boring like that, perhaps? :P

Received the first draft about a week & half after I sent the cards for the printing. Gave them the new draft on the same day because there were some typo errors, amendment & additional details. Took them about a week & a half to finish printing all 1100 cards with still a few typo errors & mistakes. Sigh!

At that time all I wanted was the cards. Couldn't afford to wait any longer as A.H's parents are coming soon maka mek redho sahajalah. It was nothing major but being person with OCD, of course it does bother me. 'Tetamu' jadi 'tetanu'. Tsk! Collected the cards on 17/12 after making a call to the shop. Pakcik tu cakap dah siap 2,3 hari then why didn't you call me pakcik? -.-'

Not recommended for those who are in hurry or with low or zero level of tolerance despite the reasonable charge on printing. Nonetheless, they deserve a compliment on the map design for putting some details which I didn't include or terlepas pandang

To be honest, I had a self-created doubt whenever I saw pretty invitation cards online (it still does, until now). Like this one time when A.H showed me his friend's invitation card; gold plated text, hot stamping floral design etc which made me go cuckoo for a while. Tak semena-mena berasa down sebab rasa macam kad kita biasa-biasa jewww. A.H tried to make me feel better by telling me that they are doctor-doctor couple, hence the expensive cards. Of course it immediately put me in a defensive & sentap mode lantas mek pun bertanya, "Is lawyer ranked lower than doctor?" *drama* which A.H didn't get to answer or explain it in a full essay as he was busy attending his patient(s) at the operating theater. Maka, emo lah mek sorang-sorang later. Lols!

From the beginning, we already agreed to not spend so much on the invitation cards but biasalah bridezilla moment tu haruslah ada kadang-kadang. Tak bride-to-be la kalau tak ada langsung jonah moment

Anyway, I think the cards look better than what I had imagined *ayat pujuk diri sendiri* & will share the full design & contents of the cards, insyaAllah! Lagi satu, I've started collecting my friends' addresses but in case I haven't asked for yours, do drop your address in the comment box below. Tqvm :)

Printscreen-ed on 20/12/2014
May Allah ease! Amin...

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Anonymous said...

me me !
InsyaAllah i'm going

Azlina bt Mohd
Counseling & Communication,
Management and Science University,
University Drive,
Off PersiaranOlahraga, Section 13, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Excuse me for the super looooong address T____T

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