Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Getting Married: The Checklist 2.0

Yes, I better work harder on my wedding preparation. I know right? Tsk!

Assalamualaikum & hi! 

8 days left before we close the final chapter of 2014 & 1 month & 4 weeks before the Wedding, InsyaAllah. The preparation has sped up faster than usual & we managed to tick off a few things on the list (the invitation cards, fabrics for the Family, canopies, kursus pra perkahwinan, the bridesmaids etc) except for:-

  • The Dais -- The wedding planner hasn't come yet for the house visit, as promised. Freaked a bit but insyaAllah everything is going to be alright. Untuk sedapkan hati, sekarang kan musim orang kenduri (despite the monsoon season), hence kenduri here & there. But kalau dah masuk 2nd week of January pun still nada, I'll definitely give them a call. Haven't decided on the nikah outfit but will probably stick to wearing songket for the reception, as we had tried earlier during the first (and hopefully not the last) fitting

  • The Food Caterer -- Need to set an appointment with them & finalize on the menu. Yang ni awal Januari wajib settle, InsyaAllah

  • The Door Gifts -- 40%? Bahaha! Haven't decided on the door gifts for the VIP aka A.H's rombongan. The Sister voluntarily offered herself to be in charge on that

  • The Hantaran -- Haven't decided yet on the tray/dulang decoration but I have a few ideas in mind, inspired by some photos I saw on Instagram. Kek belum tempah. InsyaAllah sempat

  • The Facial Treatment, Spa & Dental Appointment -- I've been wanting to set an appointment at Herbaline & a dental clinic nearby. Next week after gaji la kita figure out macam mana. Hehe!

  • The Guest Book Area -- Remember my post that I wanted to DIY my guest book? 40% done. Hari tu je hangat-hangat tahi ayam jap. Lols! Haven't decided on where it should be placed, the setting etc tapi I've been searching for some inspirations from Pinterest & other blogs. Will definitely need the Father's help on this since he's always been our great Mr Handyman

  • The Bridal Room -- It's almost complete! Alhamdulillah! This one needs its own post!

  • The Wedding Documents & HIV Test -- Alamak belum!

  • The Shoes -- Alamak yang ni pun also belum!

We must get all of these done as soon as possible, come what may, InsyaAllah! If possible, before February, tapi macam tak je. Lols! But if nak compare dengan The Checklist 1.0, alhamdulillah ada lah progress. But it's okay! Marilah menuju kejayaan!

Is there anything that I missed?

P/s: The flood is getting worse here in Kelantan, especially in Gua Musang, Kuala Krai, Tumpat, Pasir Mas & certain area in Kota Bharu. Mohon doakan keselamat mereka



salam dear,

i lamaaaaa x buka blog sbb dulu kena block. now suddenly im reading "getting married????" waaaaaaa... i still remember reading the post when you guys first met...waaaaaa tahniaaaaah!!!

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