Sunday, 16 November 2014

Making The Most That We Can

Assalamualaikum & hi!

A.H & his Parents were here in K.Bharu recently, from 28 till 30/10

Although we still have some wedding related stuff pending (like we haven't actually finalized on our wedding outfits. Sobs!), it was his last trip down here before our Wedding in February (InsyaAllah). Since A.H doesn't have many days-off, there's no use of complaining & whining but we are making the most that we can. InsyaAllah

Can't you see that I'm trying to be a calon isteri mithali here? Bahaha!

For the record & our personal reference when we're slightly older *coughs*, here's the recap;

1. 24/10/2014 (Friday) -- A.H officially completed his 4th posting at Paediatric Orthopaedic Department. Alhamdulillah. He was supposed to be on leaves from 25/10 until his next 5th posting at O&G Department on 01/11 but due to some circumstances, he still needed to go to work on 27 & 28/10. Thus, shorter leaves which also equals to shorter days spent in K.Bharu which also equals to banyak benda tak sempat nak settle while he was here

2. 28/10/2014 (Tuesday) -- A.H arrived here around 4.15 pm with his Parents & I was working on that. Treated the tired guy (he was on call the night before & finished his shift in the morning) lunch + dinner Chim Chum at Food Village at Pengkalan Chepa. Both of us are the big fans of spicy food but the sauce was oh so awesome pedasnya! Both of us had a moment of silence sebab pedas sangat nak cakap pun tak kuasa. Lols!

3. My DiGi MobiFi. You may refer to this post

4. 29/10/2014 (Wednesday) -- I was supposed to be on leave but unfortunately the boss wasn't feeling well & we had a court matter before Yang Arif in the morning. Thinking that we don't have much time & there are still some things unsettled plus A.H borrowed my car, A.H tagged along to the court before we continue our mission. Had to wait for about 2 hours & a half before my turn, walhal masuk Chamber 5 minit je. Ginila dik, lawyers are paid to wait -.-'

5. We had breakfast at Kopitiam Kita; nasi gulai ayam, roti titab with milo iced before heading home to fetch the Mother & the nephew, Umar. Tak sempat nak pergi printing shop, maka kad-kad jemputan kosong tersebut are still patiently waiting in the boxes

6 & 7.  We continued the mission, led by the little Boss, Mr Umar. Hehe! Went to a few places before ending up at Baskin Robbins, joined by the Sister in the afternoon. Went to the Sister's new house in Pengkalan Chepa later on before A.H excused himself as he had a family's discussion in the evening regarding the kenduri (The majlis bertandang will be held at his maternal grandmother's house in Wakaf Bharu)

8. 30/10/2014 (Thursday) -- Went to Nurza Wedding House for the fitting in the morning, accompanied by the Mother, my friend, Diha & A.H. It was kenduri season, so tak banyak baju available in the boutique. Nonetheless, they took our measurements & we tried on a few outfits. We fell in love with one persalinan songket, although the colour wasn't even in our list ab initio. Hehe! Anyway, I still need to come again to confirm our outfits (without A.H's presence) & we're looking forward for their site visit to our house soon. A.H & his Parents left for KL in the evening. 

Esoknya, Jumaat 01/11, A.H started his first day at O&G Department. Poor guy, so penat :( 

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