Sunday, 30 November 2014

Getting Married : Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

 28/11/2014, some parcels for my darling bridesmaids

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Firstly about the bridesmaids; I already had some names in my mind but it's not that easy especially when you belong to some circles of friends; from childhood/primary school, secondary school, matriculation college, UiTM & to lawyer-ed colleagues

Being sappy me, of course I want to include them all & have them by my side on my happy day soon (insyaAllah). I've already imagined having them wearing the same boria baju on that day, posing for the cameras, having fun, acting bimbo (because being serious is boring. Girls just wanna look pretty & have funnn! ) & all. Unfortunately, I can only pick 9 of them & it wasn't that easy. In fact, I haven't finalized yet on the 3 names. Sigh!

Uh oh! One of the supposed-to-be-my bridesmaid candidates, Ira (the one who I always turned to whenever I had my self-created dilemma about wedding & stuff) wouldn't make it on my wedding. Me iz sad :( And my other UiTM close friends would also not be here I think due to work commitment & jarak pemisah antara kami. KL/Selangor/Putrajaya - Kota Bharu bukanlah sekangkang kera jaraknya & asking them to be my bridesmaids would probably trouble them. Huhu!

Meanwhile, for the fabrics; well, the problem now has been fixed! Alhamdulillah!

Went to Nagoya Textiles with the Mother last weekend with an important mission to get some materials for my room's curtains but Alhamdulillah that we found such a good bargain for all my 9 bridesmaids' fabrics :D I already passed one parcel (as shown above) last night to Dr Ati, my SciPPian junior (who had just finished her study in India & is now on a long holiday before she starts her housemanship next year), so 8 parcels more to go! Need to pass & post them fast. Kang lambat-lambat, makcik/kakak/abam tailor tak mau pulak jahit

2 months & 3 weeks till the wedding. May Allah ease, InsyaAllah

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